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Colombian press demands Real to let James Rodriguez play

It is two separate tales for James Rodriguez when he plays for Colombia and when he plays for Colombia, and MARCA spoke to five Colombian journalists to better understand the player and what he means to the country.
A lack of minutes under Zinedine Zidane has led to some frustration across the Cafetero nation, but the player still has a lot to prove despite a successful first season at Los Blancos.
"In Colombia, people aren't patient with James Rodriguez and always want him to play everything, even at Real Madrid," said Laura Hernandez of Red+ Noticias. "He needs to prove he is ready to start for Madrid."
Some in the midfielder's native land believes the Spanish press has made it an overblown story, exaggerating the conflict between player and coach, or the demand for more playing time.
"The Spanish press has exaggerated the situation," said Juan Diego Ramirez of El Espectador.
Leaving in search for more playing time, while tempting, isn't necessarily the answer either.
"If Rodriguez were to leave Real Madrid, he'd be proving his detractors right," said Juan Pablo Coronado of Win Sports.
For others, a lack of playing time is the reason the Colombian icon is playing below his abilities.
"Zidane has made him feel less important, which has diminished his play," Faban Rozo of Espn pointed out.
Though some differences will inevitably remain, one thing is clear: a happy and in-form James Rodriguez is in both Real Madrid's and Colombia's best interests.
How to get there is another question altogether.

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