Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 6, 2016

James Rodriguez does not fear Brazil

Colombia's loss to Costa Rica on Saturday evening set up a potential meeting with Brazil in the quarter-finals, but James Rodriguez is not fazed by the thought.
After finishing behind the USA in Group A, James and co. will face the winner of Group B at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium on Friday.
That could be any one of Brazil, Peru or Ecuador, with the five-time world champions the current leaders.
"Playing against great national teams is the dream," the Real Madrid player said.
"We are players who want to play big matches.
"We are also a big team ourselves and can compete against any good side."
The No.10 also addressed Los Cafeteros' poor performance against Costa Rica, in which James only played the second half after being rested along with other starters.
"I think if we played like that in the quarter-finals or semi-finals we'd go out," he added.
"We have to win this Friday."
Colombia will learn who their next round opponents are after Brazil's meeting with Peru and Ecuador's fixture against Haiti, both of which take place on Sunday evening.

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